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    Lido Risorgimento Gaeta

    Heirs of a historical hospitality

    At the dawn of 1900 Serapo beach, described as “an expanse of sand and dunes so high as to prevent the view of the sea”, did not attract the population in Gaeta who was not inclined to frequent a beach that was located far from the town.

    In 1920, on that huge expanse of sand, the first two bathing resorts started their activity: the “Qui si Sana” of the Villani family and the “Risorgimento” beach, owned by Colacioppa family, which shortly afterwards, in 1934, was taken over by Americo Patella Senior and his family.

    Thus began the history of the Risorgimento establishment, which started a business again after the first world war and has been run by the Patella family up to our days.

    Gaeta: your place in the world for renewal, rechargment and personal rediscovery

    The city of Gaeta, Ancient Maritime Republic, rises on the promontory of Monte Orlando and its history dates back to ancient Rome. The Roman nobles used to spend their holidays in these places where they could enjoy the mild climate, the crystalline sea and the excellent wine and oil.
    The magic of that age still seems to live in our days thanks to the ancient remains of the ancient villas on the coast, expertly cared for and easily accessible.

    Today Gaeta is a flagship for tourism in the region of Lazio: museums, churches, crystal clear sea, brand new cycle paths, sport activities, food and wine tours, are just part of the vast and varied tourist offers that the city is able to provide.

    Gaeta means sea, food, family, culture and sport. The traditional lifestyle in Gaeta is unique and peculiar, always in constant balance and harmony with history, art, architecture and gastronomy.

    Gaetan culture linked to food is extraordinary, worth being discovered, full of typical recipes ranging from fish to tiella, our typical rustic pizza.

    Thanks to the particular territory it is possible to practice many outdoor sports: nautical excursions, diving, cycling and hiking to explore the spectacular Mount Orlando and the free climbing trails, famous even overseas.

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